About me


Vesna Osmanagic

Hi! My name is Vesna and I am a Certified Infant & Child Sleep Consultant. I believe all children can have the gift of a good night’s sleep.

I have always loved children and have always been fascinated by how their little minds work. That’s why I chose to study child psychology.
My interest in child sleep began while pregnant with my son. I was constantly told that once the baby arrives I wouldn’t get any sleep. The thought of that terrified me so my quest for knowledge on children’s sleep began.
I formally qualified as children’s sleep consultant and completed ONC Level 3 and later on Level 4 qualifications.

I feel incredibly lucky that I turned my passion into a career. There is nothing more rewarding than when I guide and support parents on their journey to better sleep.

Being a mother myself I know how easy it is to become overwhelmed and frustrated when your child doesn’t sleep. You never realise how important sleep is to your overall well-being until you consistently miss out. So many parents struggle to cope with sleep deprivation in both themselves as well as their children. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Becoming a parent does not mean you have to spend weeks, months or even years surviving on barely any sleep.

I can help you find your way to a better night’s sleep and do so in a way that brings you and your child the most comfort.

Whatever your sleep goal may be, I will work hand in hand with you an your family and support you through the program to ensure your success.


I believe passionately in supporting families find a solution to their child’s sleep issues, one that they feel comfortable with and are reassured by and mostly one that is going to bring them results without causing any further distress.

As a mother I understand the extreme highs and lows of parenting and am guaranteed to be completely judgment-free.

I use very gentle approaches to help little sleepers. My methods don’t involve leaving your little one to cry alone. I believe it is important for children to feel supported and safe when learning to put themselves to sleep and I always encourage parents to respond and soothe the child that is distressed.

There are many methods of sleep training out there that can provide great results, but each family is different and what works for one may not work for another.
My goal is to find a sleep solutions that suit individual families as opposed to trying to make families comply with a set sleep technique.
That’s why I like to get to know you, your parenting style and your little one first before creating a bespoke sleep routine that will take into account your families needs, lifestyle, personalities and parenting philosophy.

While the process may differ the result will be the same – a happy and content baby and parents who are all enjoying a good night’s sleep.



After your initial enquiry (by phone, email or online form) we will decide on a suitable time for a consultation.

Ahead of our consultation I will send you a questionnaire about your child’s sleep habits. Having this information before hand helps us make the most of our consultation.

During our consultation, we will talk about the specific sleep problems you are dealing with and how best to resolve them. I will explain the different options and approaches you can use and together decide what’s most suitable for you and your child. We can also talk about any other issues you might be concerned about.

After the consultation I will email you a detailed personalized sleep plan specific to your child. The plan will cover all the topics discussed during the consultation and more.

I will continue to support you while you implement the sleep plan with daily text or email support as well as well as follow up phone calls to ensure you are not left to feel alone through out the process.