This package is designed for families that have general questions about age appropriate sleep behaviour and are in need of support to navigate specific sleep challenges they have come up against.

The aim of the Mini Sleep Consultation is to provide you with information about normal and healthy infant and child sleep and to talk about gentle ways to improve your family’s sleep with your baby’s needs in mind.

What is included:

  • After purchasing this package, you will receive an Intake Form to complete in which I will gather some background information, find out about your current sleep struggles, and find out about your sleep goals.
  • Private 60-90 minutes consultation over the phone/ video conferencing during which we will talk about developmentally appropriate sleep.
  • I will analyse the information received in the Intake Form and give you a comprehensive assessment on how your baby is sleeping, what is normal and what could improve.
  • We will establish the root of your baby’s sleep challenges, rule out any red flags and I will give you my suggestions on how to achieve your sleep goals.
  • Follow up email with any relevant handouts, videos, information sheets and other references.
  • Option to book an additional consultation if more support is needed.

PRICE: £120