This package is geared towards expecting parents or parents of babies under 4 months of age who want to foster healthy sleep habits while ensuring their baby feels supported.

Having a new baby can be both, magical and at the same time completely overwhelming. The learning curve is steep and conflicting information and advice can only make things harder.

That is why understanding what is normal and knowing what to expect can be a lifesaver.  

This package will help you learn about biologically normal infant sleep behaviours, help you establish good foundations for your and your baby’s sleep and show you how to navigate through the first few months with your new-born.

What is included:

  • After purchasing this package, you will receive an Intake Form to complete in which I will gather some background information so I can get to know your family and your needs.
  • 90-minute consultation over the phone/ video conferencing during which we will talk about biologically normal infant sleep behaviours and sleep foundations.
  • We will cover the following topics: infant sleep and sleep science, sleep environment, infant feeding, attachment (how babies attach in the first year of life), how to set up good sleep foundations, emotional wellness for baby and the parents, self-care tips and more. This consultation will be tailored to meet your unique family needs.
  • During our consultation you will have opportunity to ask questions.
  • Follow up email with any relevant handouts, videos, information sheets and other references.
  • After this you will have an opportunity to send an additional email with any follow up questions or updates within a month of our consultation.

PRICE: £200