Do you have a few specific questions about your child’s sleep, but don’t need a full consultation or a month of support?

Then this email sleep support might be the right package for you.

It is aimed at parents with a single goal in mind who are looking for reassurance or want to be pointed in the right direction.

What is included:

  • After purchasing this package, you will receive an Intake Form to complete in which I will gather some background information, find out about your current sleep struggles, and find out about your sleep goals.
  • You will be able to ask up to 5 specific questions.
  • After the completed Intake Form is received, I take up to 3 business days to reply.
  • I will analyse the information and give you my assessment on how your baby is sleeping, what is normal, what could improve and suggest on how to achieve your sleep goal.
  • I will also send out any relevant handouts, videos, information sheets and other references.
  • After this you will have an opportunity to send an additional email with any follow up questions regarding the assessment.

Please note: This package is NOT for complex sleep cases with underlying medical conditions.

PRICE: £70