4 months +

This package is a good option for long-distance or international clients. Phone consultations include all the advantages of a home consultation, but instead of hands on support it’s virtual.

We will schedule a phone, face time or Skype consultation for a time that suits you. During the consultation we will discuss your current sleep challenges and issues, sleep goals and solutions.

Common issues such as difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep, night weaning, frequent night waking, early rising, nap refusal, routine related problems, sleep regression, managing transitions or anything in between, can be addressed. All topics will be specifically related to your child.

Included in this package:

  • Introductory Telephone Call
  • Pre-consultation questionnaire and diary analysis
  • Telephone consultation of up to 1.5h
  • Tailored sleep plan developed for your baby via email following consultation
  • Age appropriate sleep information sheets
  • 3 weeks follow-up support via email, phone or text to ensure you are not left to feel alone through out the process

PRICE: £200

*For families who need help with more than one child, in the case of twins or siblings, the second plan is offered at a 50% discount.