Here are some kind words from happy clients!

I am so grateful for all the help I have received from Vesna with my 5 month old. He would not settle at all and it took us hours before he went down and then he would wake up at least 3 times a night. After Vesna taught us how to go about bedtime and helped us manage routines he is now sleeping almost through every night!! We now have energy in the mornings again!!

Kate, mom to Oscar, London

I called Vesna when my then 5 month old had a sleep fall out. I had a week of seeing every hour of the night and wanted to nip any issue in the bud.
Vesna took a full history of my pregnancy, labour and baby to date – she was thorough and I knew that whatever advice she was going to give would be curtailed specifically for me and my baby.
The next day I received a call talking me through the changes I needed to make, backed up with a fabulous go-to document if I ever needed.
Within 2 nights she was doing exactly what Vesna had predicted. I used the document as a guide so I always knew what was happening – I felt one step ahead of my baby and it felt great! The routine Vesna implemented is perfect for her – she turned into a happy, vivacious baby in a day because all her needs were serviced.
I can’t recommend Vesna highly enough.

Jo, mom to Delilah, Esher

We haven’t slept for more than a couple of hours at a time for a few months when we finally decided to get some help. With Vesna’s support we finally achieved a good night sleep. I only wish that we had come for her advice earlier and save ourselves those months of despair. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other sleep-deprived parents!

Natasha, mom to Amber, Windsor

We contacted Vesna because we wanted a gentle approach to help our little boy to sleep. He was 9 months at the time and still waking 3-5 times per night. We were very reluctant at first because we heard many stories about controlled crying and similar approaches which just didn’t feel right to us. Even though we were exhausted, we were not willing to let our son cry himself to sleep. Vesna really took the time to get to know us. She listened to our story and our concerns and then presented us with a plan that we were comfortable with. Her support throughout the process was incredible and I still can’t believe what a difference we saw in just a short amount of time. Contacting Vesna was absolutely the right decision and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Jess and Thomas, parents to Isaac, London

Working with Vesna was a great decision – it was exactly what we needed. After reading all the possible advice online we were nowhere closer to getting our daughter to sleep in her cot for longer than a couple of hours. We were beyond exhausted and feeling hopeless. When Vesna came to see us we knew straight away we could work with her. She was kind and empathic and presented us with a very clear sleep plan, which was easy to follow. The results were incredible, in a matter of days Elisa was sleeping through the night and having all her naps in her cot. Thank you Vesna!

Chloe and Ali, parents to Elisa

I was recommended to use Vesna from a friend of mine who’s 4 month old baby was waking every hour at night.
We had a similar issue. Our 4.5 month old breast fed baby boy was in the middle of the 4 month sleep regression, he was teething and learning lots of new skills. This meant he was waking every 2 hours, I was responding to his waking with breast feeding, when it continued for 5 weeks I was at my wits end and exhausted.
After having a prompt consultation with Vesna over Skype we discussed our situation. Vesna gave instant advice over the phone which was followed up by a daily routine plan and sleep plan to get our boy to follow. We implemented the advice straight away and after 3 nights we noticed an improvement. He would only feed twice in the night from 7pm – 7am and his regular waking up got better as each night and week continued.
Vesna’s method is very gentle, she listened to how we worked as a family and what we wanted to gain (we still enjoyed part co-sleeping) and worked with that. She is knowledgeable about the developmental stages that babies go through and works with that along with giving advice on how we can work with each stage.
If I ever had any questions, Vesna was at the other end of a text or phone call that day. I felt fully supported and encouraged by her advice. The support was available even a few months down the line which was most helpful.
We are now 4 months on and our baby boy knows his daily routine like clockwork, he doesn’t feed in the night and will only wake if he is unwell or teething. He pretty much sleeps 7am – 7pm which makes us much happier parents and he is a much happier baby.
I would highly recommend Vesna if you and your baby needs more sleep at night and regularity in your day.
Thank you so much for your help and continued support you have really helped.

Nicole M, mom to Bodhi

Vesna was so great when she came to help me with my two children. She totally supported me in using really gentle methods with no crying and taught me ways that I could help my children. My 1 year old boy sleeps really well and my daughter has definitely improved. I have no doubt that if we had done everything Vesna told us to do we would have perfect results! I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who wants support in developing a great sleep routine for their child. She has helped me so much, and continues to do so now.

Jem, mom to Jasmine and Felix, London